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There is no greater benefit you can provide to your employees and their families than the benefit of wellness. Quality Care Partners (QCP) offers results-oriented wellness programs designed to focus on impacting the bottom line of organizations through improved employee health and increased productivity. By successfully implementing our wellness programs, healthcare costs can be reduced significantly.

QCP Well Balanced:

  • Focuses on measurable outcomes and behavior changes achieved through programs
  • Includes components of awareness and activity-based programs
  • When paired with strong incentives, can produce significant return on investment
  • Provides information and resources to help employees learn about healthy lifestyle choices

Components of QCP Well-Balanced Wellness Program:

Health Risk Appraisal (HRA)/Biometrics

A HRA is an assessment tool that examines factors such as lifestyle living, psychological readiness for behavior change, medical history, and work productivity. QCP partners with Know Your Numbers to provide easy access to online health risk assessments. The powerful patented predictive technology is the first multi-dimensional tool to predict the risk of onset and progression related to multiple chronic diseases. This easy to use assessment is available online through a secure log in system.

Driven by powerful, patented technology, Know Your Number educates individuals and employers on how risk factors impact their health, with particular attention given to those risk factors that can be improved by lifestyle changes. QCP will provide employers with an aggregate group report featuring the prevalence of health risks and psychological profiles that is essential for advising and helping plan a successful worksite promotion program. Employees receive a confidential, easy to read personalized report, based on the best medical evidence, assessing the likelihood that they will develop a chronic, preventable disease resulting in poor quality of life, declining productivity and recommendations for how to reduce their risks.

Biometric screenings are included as part of the HRA. Basic screenings include: height, weight, BMI, waist circumference and a lipid profile including glucose. Screening for key risk factors is an important piece of any comprehensive wellness program. Quality Care Partners provides convenient onsite testing with immediate onsite results, as well as onsite education by a qualified health professional regarding each of the tests performed. Individuals will walk away from their screening with valuable information and further action steps to make them healthier.

Knowledge is the key to success. As part of a comprehensive results oriented wellness program, QCP will provide you with the resources needed to understand and improve the health of your employees.

Consult and guidance for programming and incentives for employees

QCP will consult with employers to develop strategies and offer guidance on effective employee incentives to connect wellness initiatives to the health plan. Reports demonstrating testing compliance will be provided yearly to employers to notify them which employees have met the requirements for incentives while protecting PHI of the employees.

Disease Education/Management Programs

Quality Care Partners proven program understands the challenges of chronic medical conditions. Chronic medical conditions account for the majority of health care dollars and lost workdays. QCP’s Disease Management nurses are uniquely qualified to assist patients in actively participating in the management of their disease. Our focus is on helping patients better understand their chronic medical condition, what the important care issues are and providing the appropriate tools to improve their health. QCP offers Telephonic and Community-Based Programming. As part of the Community-Based Programs, care is provided and coordinated between a continuum of providers such as pharmacists, physicians, dietitians, and educators.

QCP programs for managing chronic diseases have proven to reduce the financial burden of the disease through reduction of the number of emergency room visits, the length of hospital stays and the number of hospital admissions. By preventing or delaying health complications, disease management assists employers from incurring costly treatments that would be required should a condition worsen.

Health Promotion Challenges/Weight Management Programs

A QCP Wellness Specialist is available to go onsite quarterly to coordinate implementation of exciting programs and challenges focusing on all fundamental components of wellness, while also providing guidance for motivation and incentives for participants.

Individual and Group Consultation/Education

QCP will provide educational resources or will refer to community resources where available on a variety of health topics to assist employees in learning about health lifestyle choices. Information can be delivered through Lunch n’ Learn sessions and/or emails. Individuals/groups can meet with a qualified QCP staff to set goals, determine barriers and how to overcome those barriers to allow for a healthier lifestyle. Individuals interested in tobacco cessation will be steered toward community resources for counseling programs.

Health Coaching

When meeting with a qualified health professional, individuals are provided resources needed for behavior change that generates sustainable healthy lifestyles, which prevent or treat disease and foster well-being. This can impact some of the toughest challenges of our times: epidemics of obesity, diabetes, sedentary lifestyles, poor nutrition, chronic stress, distracted minds, and ever-rising healthcare costs. During each session, motivational interviewing techniques are applied to support individuals in uncovering the need to change. Utilizing principles of goal setting theory allows individuals to design engaging visions and goals that spur them to go beyond what they can do alone.

Types of Reporting

QCP has the capability to create aggregate reports specific to each employer. Through these reports, our employers are armed with more actionable knowledge to support the design and implementation of targeted result-producing programs. *Reporting limited without QCP access to claims data.*

  • HRA aggregate reports
  • Preventative Screening Compliance
  • Risk Stratification
  • Return on Investment
  • Cost Savings Summary
  • Trending Analysis

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