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Quality Care Partners’ Case Management is a voluntary program designed to help patients and their families dealing with catastrophic, severe or complex illnesses that often involve numerous procedures, treatments and sometimes a confusing array of healthcare services and providers. Through patient education, advocacy and communication, the QCP Case Management Nurses will help you through the healthcare maze. Patients with serious healthcare conditions are assigned a nurse case manager to be their personal advocate. QCP nurse case managers assist patients by providing guidance and information regarding their condition, services they may need and available resources and by coordinating the more appropriate care setting and/or services in collaboration with the attending physician. Many patients see their case manager as a key resource for information and comfort during difficult times.

Effective case management starts early

Quality Care Partners Case management can be the most help to you when we get involved early. So we make every effort to identify diagnoses at the first possible point in the course of recommended treatment. Should you or a family member be identified as a potential candidate for case management, we will contact you to offer assistance with managing your condition. If you feel you may benefit from receiving case management please call us at any time about this service.

To find out if your employer offers disease management programs and how you can become a participant, contact your human resources department or click here to contact us.

Quality Care Partners Case Management Testimonialstestimonials

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    My case manager did a wonderful job assisting me with whatever I needed. She was easy to get ahold of and quick to return phone calls. She completed things in a very short time period. She was also very supportive and understanding. I am sad to no longer have her for my case manager. I wish I could meet her to thank her in person.

    Case management participant

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    I felt very comfortable with my QCP case manager. I saw her as an advocate for me. This was my first serious health problem and QCP’s case manager played a significant role in helping me get through it.

    Case management participant

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    My QCP Case Manager went above & beyond in helping me with everything I needed to know. I truly don’t know what I would’ve done without her. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

    Case management participant

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