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Quality Care Partners understands the personal challenges of chronic medical conditions. Chronic medical conditions account for the majority of health-care dollars and lost workdays. Quality Care Partners’ Disease Management nurses are uniquely qualified to assist you in actively participating in the management of your disease. Our focus is on helping you better understand your chronic medical condition, what the important care issues are and providing the appropriate tools to improve your health. Resulting in a healthier you.


Focused care and an invested coach can help provide a very important tool in your overall management of your health. Managing your chronic disease will help you reduce the number of emergency room visits, and the length of hospital stays and short term disability. By preventing or delaying health complications, disease management can keep you from incurring costly treatments that would be required if your condition worsens.

We understand your condition and your needs, and with that understanding, we serve as an advocate to help you navigate the complexities of the health care system. We believe that the more you know about your condition the better the outcome, which means a healthier you.

To find out if your employer offers disease management programs and how you can become a participant, contact your human resources department or click here to contact us.

QCP’s Disease Management programs are offered for


Respiratory (Asthma & COPD)



Quality Care Partners disease Management Testimonialstestimonials

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    Diabetes was an unexpected diagnosis. Without QCP’s Diabetic Disease Management Program, I wouldn’t have gotten the knowledge I needed to control my disease. Thanks to this program, I plan on a long healthy life.

    Disease Management Participant

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    I deeply appreciate this program. It gives me an idea of how I'm doing between doctor visits and I really love the savings on scripts.

    Disease Management Participant

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