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Building Partnerships
for Better Health

As an independent, provider-based organization, we create customized solutions to reduce healthcare spend without sacrificing the quality of care.

Cost Containment Strategies

With the support of QCP, you don't have to choose between providing clients with quality care or savings. Our medical management programs are proven to effectively utilize and control healthcare spend.

Management Expertise

Our industry knowledge and patient advocacy help to create a reduction in healthcare spend and improved outcomes for our members.

Thank you for all that participated in the 2024 QCP Corporate Challenge.

QCP Corporate Challenge

Effective Healthcare Solutions

Quality Care Partners has dedicated itself to building better health and reducing the overall spend for all. We integrate cost-containment strategies for payers, physicians, employers, and their employees and partner with select credentialed physicians, hospitals, and healthcare providers to deliver cost-effective quality healthcare.

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Experts in Healthcare Navigation

Experts in Healthcare Navigation

We help our members navigate the healthcare system to reduce costs without sacrificing the quality of care.

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Enhance Care and Optimize Operations

Enhance Care and Optimize Operations

We offer state-of-the-art medical management programs that are proven to effectively utilize and control healthcare spending.

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Experienced Negotiators

Experienced Negotiators

We are a provider-based organization with expertise in the healthcare system, allowing us to successfully negotiate to decrease your healthcare spend.

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Healthcare Navigation

Guiding members through our extensive resources.
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Comprehensive Services

Our state-of-the-art medical management program has proven to contain costs.
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Enhanced Solutions

Through our experience and expertise of the healthcare system, we effectively negotiate to reduce your healthcare spend.
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Annual Medical Management Employer Savings


On average, we save employers
$577 per employee annually.




Customer Satisfaction


Client Retention

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QCP is fully URAC accredited in Health Utilization Management and Case Management.



Health Utilization Management
Expires 04/01/2026
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Case Management
Expires 07/01/2026
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