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QCP works in partnership with your health plan to offer you an extensive network of preferred providers and medical management services, allowing us to offer reduced fees. Your insurance company still processes and pays your claims, but using QCP’s preferred providers can result in significant savings for you and your family.

Services We Offer

Many plans require pre-certification of various services, such as inpatient hospital stays, surgeries and emergency room visits. It is important to be familiar with these requirements before receiving treatment. Please refer to your plan document for the listing of services that require pre-certification.

Pre-certification requirements vary greatly between employers and health plans. If you are uncertain as to whether or not a service requires pre-certification, contact your plan administrator at the customer service number on your ID card or your human resources department.

If you need to obtain a pre-certification, you can start the process of getting approval by calling us at (740) 455-5199.

Our case management programs are designed to help patients and their families that have encountered a serious or catastrophic illness. Through patient education, advocacy and communication, QCP will help you through the healthcare maze. Patients are assigned a nurse case manager to be their personal advocate. Many patients see their case manager as a key resource for information and comfort during difficult times.

Quality Care Partners Case management can be the most beneficial to you when we get involved early, so we make every effort to identify diagnoses at the first possible point in the course of recommended treatment. Should you or a family member be identified as a potential candidate for case management, we will contact you to offer assistance with managing your condition. If you feel you may benefit from receiving case management please call us at any time about this service.

Contact us to find out if your employer offers disease management programs and how you can become a participant.

Our disease management programs can assist you in the management of your disease. We specifically focus on members with chronic diseases, helping them better understand and manage their condition with the assistance of educated pharmacists and a program coordinator.

Focused care and an invested advocate are a very important tool. Managing your chronic disease will help you reduce the number of emergency room visits, and the length of hospital stays and short term disability. By preventing or delaying health complications, disease management can keep you from incurring costly treatments that would be required if your condition worsens.

Contact us to find out if your employer offers disease management programs and how you can become a participant.

There is no greater benefit you can give yourself than taking steps to improve your health through participating in wellness programs. QCP offers wellness programs designed to improve employee health and increase productivity, including a customizable wellness program called Well-Balanced, which is available through your employer.

Our wellness programs include:

  • Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) and Biometric Screenings
  • Incentives for employees
  • Disease education/management programs
  • Health promotion/weight management programs
  • Individual or group consultation and education
  • NAHU wellness certified health coaching
  • Pharmacist consultation

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when to go to the doctor or emergency room, or when an over-the-counter medication will be sufficient. Getting sound advice is important - especially when it comes to your health. Our HealthPhone line is here to help.

The HealthPhone is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and gives you access to personal one-on-one health counseling with a trained nurse consultant. The nurse can offer:

  • Medical advice
  • Tips on how to be a smart healthcare consumer
  • General information on health topics of interest (controlling cholesterol, diabetes, or chicken pox)
  • Peace of mind in uncertain situations
  • An immediate alternative to an ER or physician visit
  • If you are in need of medical advice, please refer to your insurance card for the HealthPhone telephone number.

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