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Member Services

QCP works in partnership with your health plan to offer you an extensive network of “preferred” providers and medical management. Through our contracts with selected physicians, hospitals, and healthcare providers we have been able to arrange reduced fees on a broad range of medical services. Your insurance company processes and pays your claims based on these negotiated rates with our preferred providers. That’s why using QCP’s preferred providers can result in significant savings for you and your family.

QCP also provides multiple medical management products. Your health plan may participate in one or more of these programs in addition to one of our preferred provider networks:

Rest assured, QCP is committed to providing superior service and customer care. When you contact QCP you will receive prompt and compassionate service.

Member Pre Certification


Many plans require pre-certification of various services. It is important to be familiar with these requirements before receiving treatment. Please refer to your plan document for the listing of services that require pre-certification.

Members Case Management

Case Management

Case Management is a voluntary program designed to help patients and their families that have encountered a serious or catastrophic illness. Through patient education, advocacy and communication, the QCP staff will help you through the healthcare maze.

Health Phone Medical Assistance

Health Phone

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when to go to the doctor, or the emergency room, or when an over-the-counter medication will be sufficient. Everyone can benefit from education - especially when it comes to something as important as your health.


Members Pharmacy Benefit Management

Rx - Pharmacy Benefit Management

QCP Rx - Pharmacy Benefit Management is an independent pharmacy benefit manager, meaning we have no formal relationships with pharmaceutical manufacturers, mail-order pharmacies or retail pharmacy chains.

Disease Management

Disease Management

Chronic medical conditions account for the majority of health-care dollars and lost workdays. Quality Care Partners’ disease management programs can assist you in actively participating in the management of your disease.

Diabetic Disease Management
Respiratory Disease Management

Wellness HRA Biometric Screenings


There is no greater benefit you can give yourself than taking steps to improve your health through participating in wellness programs. Encouraging you to receive your preventative testing and taking better care of yourself is the goal of QCP’s wellness program.


Quality Care Partners disease Management Testimonialstestimonials

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    I take better care of myself since I joined the Diabetic Program. Thanks for all of QCP’s help. Keep up the good work!

    QCP Disease Management Participant

  • Quality Care Partners Customer Testimonials

    We have never really had to use the insurance much. So there was a lot we don’t know. QCP’s case manager was a godsend. She has been very helpful. Don’t know what we would have done without her being a resource to our family and a ready advocate for our family.

    QCP Member

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