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Nurse Triage System 24 Hours A Day

Sometimes it is difficult to determine when to go to the doctor, or the emergency room, or when an over-the-counter medication will be enough. Everyone can benefit from education - especially when it comes to something as important as your health.

The HealthPhone provides a triage system designed to help individuals make decisions that will often avoid unnecessary and expensive services such as emergency room visits. QCP’s HealthPhone has provided our clients the opportunity to decrease their Emergency Room utilization.

With the HealthPhone, your employees are given 24-hour telephone access to personal one-on-one health counseling with a trained nurse consultant. The nurse can offer medical advice, peace of mind in uncertain situations, and an immediate alternative to an ER or physician visit. QCP’s HealthPhone offers clients improved employee satisfaction, an inexpensive method to enhance your benefit package, and an effective way to reduce unnecessary ER/provider visits.

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  • Quality Care Partners Employer Management

    I called the HealthPhone before going to the ER. The nurse was very compassionate and professional. She made me relax and I felt that she was concerned about what I was going through


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