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state-of-the-art medical management

Quality Care Partners utilizes a state-of-the-art medical management and data warehouse system. Along with the expertise of QCP’s medical management staff allows for a comprehensive approach in managing your healthcare dollars. The medical management system contains an on-line utilization system which allows our providers to access many timesaving capabilities including enrollment verification and the ability to enter pre-notification requests in real-time with a secured username and password.

The data warehouse system, combined with the medical management module, gives the case managers valuable information in managing your healthcare costs. The system allows the integration of past claims data with medical information to anticipate where your claims dollars may be spent and assist in assuring that necessary care is delivered in the most appropriate setting.

By utilizing this system, QCP is not only able to present data, we are able to help you sort through the information and show you important trends that impact your company. Working closely with you, we can make recommendations on future actions and benefit changes. Over time, we can show your company’s individual utilization patterns and compare them to other groups of similar size. Quality Care Partners’ data management system maintains your company’s claims history allowing yearly data comparisons. With this information, we can help you design customized benefits that focus on issues unique to your company. The result is efficient use of your company’s healthcare dollars and healthy, happy and productive employees.

QCP understands that data is the key. Throughout our partnership, you will always have access to your data. The comprehensive "standard" report package has met the majority of our client’s needs; however, customized reports are always available.

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